How The Sausage Is Made

[3 Min Read]

The master butcher places a length of thin translucent material at the end of a complicated-looking metal spigot and looks up to the group of curious tourists ahead of him.

“Then, I just take a hunk of meat here,” with a gloved hand, the man scoops a lump of juicy red matter and shoves it into the top of a meat grinder. “And then just turn this handle here,” He grips the crank adjacent to the spigot and turns it hard. The tube fills with the fresh red meat.

“Now, with everything where we want it,it’s time to tie this baby off!” With one swift motion with his free hand, the butcher twists off the end of the translucent material and presents the tube of meat proudly in his hand. “Ta-da!”

“Wow,” A gawking bearded man stares in bewilderment, “So that’s how the sausage is made.”

He glances to his friends around him, “That wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it would be.”

“Yeah!” Agrees a woman stood next to him, “Actually pretty educational! You’ve got to wonder why everyone says you don’t want to see it?”

“Maybe they couldn’t handle how cool it was.” Replies the bearded man with a grin

“Right?” The plump butcher joins the group on the other side of his stainless steel table. “Now to conclude our tour,” He throws open a pair of double doors, revealing a massive walk-in freezer with several empty hooks dangling freely from the ceiling.

“How about y’all step right inside and I can show you how we store the meat before processing.”

Like a herd of sheep, the tour group shuffles inside and ‘Ooh’s and ahs’ at the various advanced butcher’s tools stored beyond.

Whistling cheerfully to himself, the butcher snatches a machete off a hook on the wall nearby and joins the tourists inside. Making sure to close the door behind him.

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