Fantasy Trip

[4 Min Read]

“Is it me or is that dog, like, really huge?” An aged man with a long, curly, white beard and pointed cap strewn with golden stars scratched at the thinning hair beneath his hat.

“Nah,” A young, gallant knight standing at his side ripped a long drag off of a white cigarette filled with a sweet herb. He exhaled sharply, sending a cloud of white smoke to dance around the faces of both men. “Your brain is just playing tricks on you, old man.”

The knight draped his arm around the spellcaster’s neck. His shoulders buckled under the weight of the warrior’s plate-mail. “I fear you have been staring at that statue of a lion for hours!”

The wizard squinted to look more closely and laughed, “By the king’s slippers, you’re right!” His hearty laugh quickly turned to a cluster of dry, deep-throated coughs.

“Sounds like someone needs their medicine.”

“Pass me that good stuff.” The wizard requested through a creaky throat.

The warrior obliged, handing his friend the stubby cigarette from between his index and middle finger. As the wizard took in his own puff of smoke, the warrior noticed the statue in front of them shift, casting a long shadow over them. Seconds later he found that all the light around them had been extinguished, and the smell of old tuna hung heavily in the air.

“Hey,” The knight glanced around the suddenly humid air. “Who put out the sun?”

The great red dragon slammed its maw shut and swallowed both oblivious men whole. He licked his lips as he felt the bodies slither down his throat and land in his stomach like two tons of bricks.

The legendary dragon of the north roared with victory and stretched his wide, leathery wings. However,  his ascent ended about as quickly as it began, as looking down he found the world beneath him suddenly started shifting. The mythical creature landed on his side with a great crash, but felt no pain from his fall.

Quite the opposite, as his body suddenly felt warm and relaxed. The colors started to shift and meld around him, but his eyes latched onto a single silhouetted figure towering over him, just before his vision started to glaze over.

“Hey,” The dragon stated in his ancient tongue. “Is it me or is that dog, like, really huge?”

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