One Panda To Rule Them All

[3 Min Read]

A lone man sitting at the bar sipped his whiskey quietly. Pushing the hood of his dark cloak back, he lifted his gaze from his glass and narrowed his small black eyes at the flickering television. Mounted proudly above the dozens of half-empty glistening bottles displayed just in front of him, it served as the main attraction of the mellow environment.

An image of a man in a white lab coat tending to a laboring panda appeared on the screen. The camera panned out to the crowd of hundreds of colorfully dressed zoo-goers watching in hushed anticipation. With the volume being too low to hear, the man read the scrolling caption below, learning that the mother panda had just entered her seventh hour of labor.

The man joined the ranks on the TV in stark silence; but unlike his compatriots, his look was not that of worry or concern. Rather, his chapped thin lips kept still, his steely eyes cold and calculating.

The crowd on the TV suddenly gasped collectively and began shoving each other in a desperate attempt to get closer to the pen. The camera snapped back to the enclosure and revealed the doctor cradling a tiny, goop-covered creature in his arms. He raised the baby panda overhead and the onlookers went wild with cheers and applause.

“Seems the time has finally come.” The man at the bar stated in a low, gravelly voice. He slowly raised his index and middle fingers and gently ran them along a deeply cut ‘X’ on his forehead, all the while keeping his eyes firmly planted on the scene.

“The Destroyer of Worlds has finally been born to us.” Not bothering to finish his drink, the man laid a hand full of bills on the counter and pushed his way out of the bar. For now, there was much work to be done.

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