[2 Min Read]

An old man awakened from what he thought to be his last breath to a room washed in bright light. He found himself standing, but his knees didn’t hurt. His hip didn’t scream in agonizing pain. Shocked with disbelief, he held his hands out in front of him and flexed his fingers. His crippling arthritis had disappeared, his skin just as tight and hydrated as it was when he was a young man.

“Welcome home, Billy.” A deep booming voice echoed around him.

“God?” Billy asked with fright

“There is time for that later, we have all eternity, my boy. But there is something of great importance to discuss first.”

Billy shook, “O-Of course. Anything!” With a puff of smoke, a clipboard with an attached pen appeared in his hand. He brought it up to eye level and recognized it as a questionnaire. The title read ‘Earth, Beta version 13.21.

“You see, I’m trying to break into the Indy game industry and your feedback on your experience with the current version would be greatly appreciated.”

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