Girl in the Glass

[1 Min Read]

The image in the still glass stared back at her. Framed by its snow-white hair, its brilliant yellow eyes glistened even more brightly in the bright florescent light above. Its long thin black eyebrows and smooth cheeks were gently brushed by its tightly formed braid of hair.

She raised her hand to the spot on her face, and the image followed suit with its own thin porcelain fingers. Mocking or mimicking, she was unsure. The way the image’s hand brushed the corner of its pale lips startled her. As she felt something nuzzle up against her lip at that same instant.

She leaned closer, and the image did as well. The closer they got to each other, the more she saw the glass fog from her breath. The image looked confused and scared but still oddly breathtaking. She wanted to know why. What could dare cloud the striking eyes of such a beauty?

She laid her hand on the glass, and the image met her halfway. It was cool to the touch, but the soft smile that grew across its face sent a flutter in her heart.

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