The Hallowed Wood

[3 Min Read]

I was once a force to be reckoned with. Like a demon out of hell, I would blast through the skies above.

Over the great blue sea, my power was feared by her travelers. I could grant great fortune and safe passage, or a watery nightmarish death. Though I was benevolent enough to lend my power to the birds, gifting them with flight. But I was known to occasionally lose my temper on any trespasser who dared enter my kingdom without my blessing.

Over the coastline and through the lands I traveled, unimpeded till I reached the craggy snow-covered mountaintops deep within. A new playground, I thought. Now with little white flecks to throw around I could finally flex my impressive muscles.

Though the further down her jagged peaks I traveled, into the forested valley below, I felt my power siphoned from my heavenly body. Combing through the tall evergreens, my body was raked down to a gentle whisper.

A once-mighty god reduced to a soft gale, I was certain this was to spell my death. But it was then that I had discovered something new. A life yet unseen in these hallowed woods. They were similar to the birds of the sea, but these creatures were furry, and ranging from great to small. In my weak and sorry state, I stroked and graced my new subjects with a gentle kiss.

I’d watch them roam and graze, then realizing I had found something new in my old age. These creatures were weak, things I could crush with a wave of my hand in days gone by. But they were so pristine and pure. So innocent and gentle. A new feeling swelled in my dusty old heart.

I am now as weak as the waning evening sun, but have found a new power that would rival even the mightiest star in the sky. For these creatures and this wood have granted me a gift – that of peace and contempt. Allowing me to drift comfortably into my dying days. Surrounded by my many subjects, or as I now call them, friends.

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