Grandpa’s House

[3 Min Read]

The old man spotted the youth eyeing the crackling flames in the fireplace. The yellow and red demons danced in the reflection of her ogling eyes.

“Go on, Gabriela,” the elder smiled warmly upon his charge. “Lay hands upon your new pet.”

The young girl’s long black pig-tails wiped her face as she jerked her head towards the man. “What? But grandpa, mommy always told me to stay away from fire! Won’t it hurt me?”

The elder crouched down and joined his granddaughter’s side. Something that, in recent years, he thought he’d never be able to do again.

He looked to her and a wave of pride washed over his face, for his daughter had taught her well. The grandfather’s joy was then doused with melancholy as he recalled days gone by.

“Grandpa?” The girl studied his face quizzically.

The grandfather did his best to wipe away  all sorrow and returned his attention to the apple of his eye. “I assure you, my sunshine, you don’t need to worry about such things anymore.” Noticing her still pensive gaze he continued. “Why don’t we do it at the same time?”

The wise old-man watched as the girl’s worry mixed with confusion birthed a newfound sense of curiosity. She tentatively nodded and allowed her grandfather’s oddly youthful and strong hand to envelop hers. He looked to her and smiled “Ready? One… Two…”

On the third count, the grandfather placed their interlocked fingers directly on the center-most smoldering log. The girl screamed and reflexively jerked her hand back, but her grandfather’s strong grip kept it in place. Her eyes welled with tears from fear, anticipating the intense pain of the hot flames licking away at her flesh.

But there was no pain, and soon, no fear. Her mouth was agape in utter bewilderment as she observed, with her own eyes, her hand in the hottest burning blue flame in the fireplace. Her hand not melting and skin not boiling, instead just a pleasant warm sensation tingling from the center of her palm.

“Wow!” She shouted in amazement. “Grandpa, look! Look what I can do!”

The kind man nodded solemnly. “Yes, my young joy. There is much you can do now that you’ve joined me in my home. Pain is a thing of the past here.”

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