Gregsnorp’s New Pad

[2 Min Read]

“Damn, Gregsnorp, this place is killer!” A man dressed in a nightgown and slippers looked around the bachelor pad in wonder. He couldn’t resist from gravitating toward the chocolate fountain kept in the center of the studio apartment.

“Thanks, Dan!” A green fur covered demon clapped the human on the back, nearly knocking him into the fountain of oozing fudge. “It’s all thanks to you I got this place to begin with!” A forked tongue slipped out of Gregsnorp’s mouth as he chortled his crunchy, other-worldly laugh.

“Say, that reminds me.” Dan looked to his neighbor with confusion. “How long’ve you been living down here, anyway?”

The creature sipped from his martini glass. “Long enough to remember when the upstairs leaked.” He elbowed the man in the ribs and winked.

Dan chuckled and rubbed the back of his neck nervously. “Y-Yeah, sorry about that. I was just a kid.”

The demon waved his hand disarmingly. “Don’t worry about it, bud. I got used to it.”

Dan yawned and stretched. “Well, it’s been real, man, but I got work in the morning so-”

Gregsnorp slapped his free hand to his forehead. “Is it that time already? I forget you humans still go by that whole ‘time’ thing.” He air quoted with his claws

Dan ascended the plush carpeted stairs and waved back to his old friend. “Same time tomorrow?” 

“Hell yeah, bud. But you’re bringing the beers!”

Dan sucked in his gut and scrambled out from under his queen-sized bed. He just managed to wiggle his hips free of the tiny space and laed down on the hardwood floor with a huff. He stood, cracked his back, and rolled into bed. “Goodnight, Gregsnorp!”

He heard a muffled yell from under the mattress. “Sweet dreams, Dan! Don’t let the me bite!” Followed by incessant laughter

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