It’s Pronounced Hamburger

[1 Min Read]

“It’s pronounced hamburger.” Enunciates a heavy set trucker with a thick New-Englander accent.

Horgdurger” Repeats a green-skinned creature with large, black, almond-shaped eyes and a bulbous green head with a Mets hat sat awkwardly on top.

HAM-BURGER” The trucker waves, a flattened sandwich limp-wristed between his hands. Heavy drips of ketchup fall from the burger and splat onto the flimsy plastic booth-table between them.

Hor-Hordgurber” The creature stutters.

“No, Jandrik, are you even trying?” The man drops the sandwich in its grease-stained cardboard container and rubs his temples in frustration.

Jandrik drops his head. “I am sorry hoo-man, Chuck. Earth words still allude this one.”

Chuck broke from his anger and saw his companion’s remorseful look. He places a thick bear-like hand on the alien’s knobbly shoulder. “No, Jandrik. You have zero need to apologize. I was the one being a jerk. You’re new to these parts and I should have been more patient with you. I’m sorry.”

Jandrik raised his long head and opened the thin film covering his eyes. “Thank you hoo-man, Chuck, for your understanding.” He raises a long tentacle and places it on Chuck’s broad shoulder. “Are we friends now hoo-man, Chuck?”

A wide smile grows across Chuck’s cracked lips, revealing a row of yellowed, crooked teeth. “The best, pal!”

[Title Card Credit To Wendy Wei]

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