How to Write A Strong Female Lead

[Article, 10 Min Read] **Now just a heads up here, I’m going to be digging into my opinion of what a great female lead looks like. I want to be clear that I am well aware that I’m a dumb man and have a very limited point of view into the female experience. But I … Continue reading How to Write A Strong Female Lead

8 Signs That You Are a Member of a Cult

I’m a 20 something living in North Carolina. I have few family connections and a small group of friends. I feel betrayed by society and the generation before me. I have issues with the traditional church, and I currently live below the poverty level in the U.S. I am a prime recruit for a cult. … Continue reading 8 Signs That You Are a Member of a Cult

Are you a Phubber?

“I wonder if they have texted me back yet” Checks phone, nada. Places back on table “I wonder what's trending on Reddit?” Picks up phone. Finds same stuff is trending as 10 minutes ago. Places back on table “Did that client email me back yet?” Picks up phone. Nothing new since an hour ago. Places … Continue reading Are you a Phubber?

5 Best Ergonomic Keyboards

I’ve been a writer my whole life, and if your anything like me you know the thing we fear most. That's right, bankruptcy. But the second greatest thing we fear in life has to be Carpel Tunnel. If we lose our hands that means we not only do we lose our means of making a … Continue reading 5 Best Ergonomic Keyboards

5 Benefits of Having a Daily Routine

I'm a total creature of habit. For the past two years, I’ve roughly done the same thing every morning. Wake up, feed the cat, have a light breakfast, meditate and pray, get a work out in, then we are off to the races. Some, like a good friend of mine, see that strict daily routine … Continue reading 5 Benefits of Having a Daily Routine

Millennials: An American Dream

A couple of weeks ago I left my full-time job as a violin technician's apprentice for a large music company. A company that I had been under the employ of for about two years. It wasn’t necessarily a bad job, but the corporate culture had become a bit much for me. After much deliberation and … Continue reading Millennials: An American Dream