Furry Companions

I didn’t grow up with any pets other than the occasional fish. As time went on and friends saw there pets pass away, I never totally understood the big deal. Of course, I’m not heartless. I realized that they were a part of my friend’s family and that it was a loss. But the only [...]

Reminder: Patreon Updates for May!

Hey everyone! Just a quick reminder regarding Patreon updates that take effect May 1st (This upcoming Wednesday) Da changes Most important thing for you all to be aware of. Billing is changing from ‘Per Thing’ to a flat monthly subscription. Also new minimum is changing from $1 to $4Considering the amount of content I’ll be putting [...]

My Love Letter to Storytelling

[Quick read] Getting older is rough. I’m not the first to say it, and I certainly won’t be the last. Rent, money, groceries, utility bill, money, car insurance, aging grandparents, money, crippling anxiety, stress, stress due to money. Feels like the older you get, the more bullshit you find in the world. Usually, stuff that [...]