Lyft Confessional

There is a certain comfort you feel when talking with a stranger. You figure “This person doesn’t know me and I will never see them again. Why not tell them about my porn preferences?” To make a little extra cash I’ve started driving for the rideshare service Lyft, and while I haven’t had anyone discuss … Continue reading Lyft Confessional

Why You Don’t Owe Anyone Sh*t

My roommate needed me out of the house last night so he could do some adult stuff with his fiancee. So I decided to go see a movie at my local theater. Hadn’t been in a while, so I was excited! Though, I had no idea what was playing. I looked at the listings and … Continue reading Why You Don’t Owe Anyone Sh*t

Bought a Time-Machine for $8.99

I was at Harris Teeter the other day (humble brag) on the hunt for some hair conditioner. However, to my horror when I got to the shampoo aisle, I found that they had stopped carrying my brand! I felt like I was back in school on the school bus trying to find a seatmate after … Continue reading Bought a Time-Machine for $8.99

Peace in Pain

** Was feeling nostalgic so I started rummaging around some post I wrote a couple of years ago on a different site. Came across this one and it made me smile. Hope you guys enjoy my blast from the past. For context, this was the winter of 2016 and I was working as a food … Continue reading Peace in Pain

Alfredo is Just Cheese

Well technically its parmesan, cream, and butter, but that makes a longer title. Last night I had just finished making some chicken alfredo and just sat down to watch Arrested Development again for the fifth time. I gobbled up my noodles while enjoying the Bluthe family get into another impossible scenario. Afterword I cleaned up … Continue reading Alfredo is Just Cheese

Inspiration Cycle

Let’s talk about inspiration. I may get a little woo-woo here but hear me out. Inspiration is a hard thing to define exactly, but it's a common theme throughout history. Art is an obvious choice, but even more than that. Inspiration has its grubby little hands in everything we do from technological development, global conquests, … Continue reading Inspiration Cycle