5 Benefits of Having a Daily Routine

I'm a total creature of habit. For the past two years, I’ve roughly done the same thing every morning. Wake up, feed the cat, have a light breakfast, meditate and pray, get a work out in, then we are off to the races. Some, like a good friend of mine, see that strict daily routine … Continue reading 5 Benefits of Having a Daily Routine

5 Practical Reasons to Meditate

Math has never been my strong suit. I didn’t realize just how much math, and I didn’t get along until I had a full blown panic attack in my algebra class in my freshman year of high school. Dude, it was not pretty. I can’t recall exactly what triggered my attack, but I was sweating … Continue reading 5 Practical Reasons to Meditate

Surviving vs. Thriving

“Jesus. I feel busier now then ever before.” Was all I could think the tell my counselor of six years. She chuckled “You sound better though. At least better then you have within the past couple of months.” “I do feel a lot better!” I agreed “Well, half the time I feel better.” “What do … Continue reading Surviving vs. Thriving

Millennials: An American Dream

A couple of weeks ago I left my full-time job as a violin technician's apprentice for a large music company. A company that I had been under the employ of for about two years. It wasn’t necessarily a bad job, but the corporate culture had become a bit much for me. After much deliberation and … Continue reading Millennials: An American Dream