The Face of Evil is Clean Shaven

[4 Min Read] “Welcome to the thirteenth annual gathering of the ‘Horrific Monster’s Club.” A man explained excitedly to the gathering of nightmarish creatures sitting awkwardly in a semi-circle of metal folding chairs. A couple of monsters clapped their assortment of hands and tentacles in response to the friendly-looking man while the rest stared back [...]

The Real Horror

[2 Min Read] A man stirs from a medically induced coma, groggy and incoherent. He casts his bleary vision; first over the largely featureless cream-colored room, then over his own body, finding it covered in bandages. “Good, you’re awake!” A man in a white coat springs to his feet from a chair sat in the [...]

Fantasy Trip

[4 Min Read] “Is it me or is that dog, like, really huge?” An aged man with a long, curly, white beard and pointed cap strewn with golden stars scratched at the thinning hair beneath his hat. “Nah,” A young, gallant knight standing at his side ripped a long drag off of a white cigarette [...]

Trickster’s Convention

[3 Min Read] Loki paused and inhaled several deep breaths as he stood outside a pair of brilliantly carved dark oak doors. His tiny green eyes darted to a plain-looking white sign with large bolded font that read: ‘Annual Gathering of The Tricksters Convention.’ And below that, in a smaller but more ornate font: ‘Hosted [...]

Soul Auction

[4 Min Read] A young boy slammed a gavel repeatedly into his mother’s kitchen table. “The auction is in session! I repeat: the auction is in session for who’s going to get me an A on the upcoming test!” “In exchange for your soul, correct?”A gnarled, red-skinned monster with two large tusks protruding from its [...]