To Die For

[3 Min Read] An older woman pulled her long-anticipated roast from the oven. The scent of well-seasoned meats and vegetables flooded the kitchen as she placed the fruit of her hard labor on the kitchen counter. “God, that smells amazing, Mom.” A younger man looked over the scrumptious looking bird. “Of course it does, son. … Continue reading To Die For

The Face of Evil is Clean Shaven

[4 Min Read] “Welcome to the thirteenth annual gathering of the ‘Horrific Monster’s Club.” A man explained excitedly to the gathering of nightmarish creatures sitting awkwardly in a semi-circle of metal folding chairs. A couple of monsters clapped their assortment of hands and tentacles in response to the friendly-looking man while the rest stared back … Continue reading The Face of Evil is Clean Shaven

The Real Horror

[2 Min Read] A man stirs from a medically induced coma, groggy and incoherent. He casts his bleary vision; first over the largely featureless cream-colored room, then over his own body, finding it covered in bandages. “Good, you’re awake!” A man in a white coat springs to his feet from a chair sat in the … Continue reading The Real Horror

Would You Like Help?

[1 Min Read] Often times others wonder why I’m here, or why I was even around in the first place. Not that I blame them. After all, my very purpose is to act as a band-aid for issues much larger than I. All I am is a tool. A tool used to keep other things … Continue reading Would You Like Help?

One Panda To Rule Them All

[3 Min Read] A lone man sitting at the bar sipped his whiskey quietly. Pushing the hood of his dark cloak back, he lifted his gaze from his glass and narrowed his small black eyes at the flickering television. Mounted proudly above the dozens of half-empty glistening bottles displayed just in front of him, it … Continue reading One Panda To Rule Them All

Fantasy Trip

[4 Min Read] “Is it me or is that dog, like, really huge?” An aged man with a long, curly, white beard and pointed cap strewn with golden stars scratched at the thinning hair beneath his hat. “Nah,” A young, gallant knight standing at his side ripped a long drag off of a white cigarette … Continue reading Fantasy Trip

Trickster’s Convention

[3 Min Read] Loki paused and inhaled several deep breaths as he stood outside a pair of brilliantly carved dark oak doors. His tiny green eyes darted to a plain-looking white sign with large bolded font that read: ‘Annual Gathering of The Tricksters Convention.’ And below that, in a smaller but more ornate font: ‘Hosted … Continue reading Trickster’s Convention

Soul Auction

[4 Min Read] A young boy slammed a gavel repeatedly into his mother’s kitchen table. “The auction is in session! I repeat: the auction is in session for who’s going to get me an A on the upcoming test!” “In exchange for your soul, correct?”A gnarled, red-skinned monster with two large tusks protruding from its … Continue reading Soul Auction

It’s Haggis

[3 Min Read] “It’s haggis,” Hades mentioned indifferently as he lounged on an unusually comfortable looking couch made from the bodies of the damned. “I-I-I’m sorry, sir?” asked Craig, the new intern at Elysian, knees clicking together as they wobbled. Hades stretched his long blue leg into the air and flexed his impressive quadriceps . … Continue reading It’s Haggis

How The Sausage Is Made

[3 Min Read] The master butcher places a length of thin translucent material at the end of a complicated-looking metal spigot and looks up to the group of curious tourists ahead of him. “Then, I just take a hunk of meat here,” with a gloved hand, the man scoops a lump of juicy red matter … Continue reading How The Sausage Is Made