It’s Pronounced Hamburger

[1 Min Read] “It’s pronounced hamburger.” Enunciates a heavy set trucker with a thick New-Englander accent. “Horgdurger” Repeats a green-skinned creature with large, black, almond-shaped eyes and a bulbous green head with a Mets hat sat awkwardly on top. “HAM-BURGER” The trucker waves, a flattened sandwich limp-wristed between his hands. Heavy drips of ketchup fall from the … Continue reading It’s Pronounced Hamburger

The Greatest Game on Earth

[2 Min Read] “I elect Ted to inform Bleep-Blorp,” declared the minister of defense “M-Me? Why do I have to tell the gun-toting aliens?” Ted looked frantically between his peers “You’re an ambassador, Ted. It’s time to serve your country.” Explained the general “But what if they don’t like the answer?” Ted dabbed his moist … Continue reading The Greatest Game on Earth