Change In Schedule

Hey everyone! First of all, thank y'all so much for supporting my work! It's such an awesome feeling knowing my work doesn't just disappear into a void, and that you all get something out of it 🙂 For those who don't know me as well, I am a fulltime writer, and the work has been … Continue reading Change In Schedule

The Pit – Chapter 6: The Journey Begins

After a far more restful night's sleep in one of the vault's guest cabins, Pete and Laura are escorted to the Vault armory. "Z-series pulse rifles, repeater cannons, plasma pistols," drones the armory guard "the good Councilwoman has given you all clearance for whatever you want." "I heard you mention something about a repeater cannon?" … Continue reading The Pit – Chapter 6: The Journey Begins

The PIT – Chapter 5: The Offer

Pete stood in a small auditorium somewhere in the depths of Vault 87. First time in a vault, and so far he was largely unimpressed by their hospitality. He had just finished spending the whole night sleeping in the most uncomfortable metal chair he had ever experienced, and was awoken just an hour ago to … Continue reading The PIT – Chapter 5: The Offer

Writer’s Update (5/6/19)

Howdy internet! Wanted to give a few updates as far as The PIT release and general upload schedule. First things first, let's talk about The PIT. If any of you have somehow managed to dodge my constant promotion, The PIT is my new original novel that takes place in a post-apocalyptic setting featuring a strong-willed … Continue reading Writer’s Update (5/6/19)

Super-Cool Patreon Update!

*SHAMELESS PROMOTION TO FOLLOW* Hey everyone! Just gave the old Patreon a facelift that will make everyone's experience with it a bit more streamlined. Curious about getting your name forever in history in my new book 'The Pit?' Just want to support your local arts? Check out the link below to learn more! Patreon: Art … Continue reading Super-Cool Patreon Update!

Reminder: Patreon Updates for May!

Hey everyone! Just a quick reminder regarding Patreon updates that take effect May 1st (This upcoming Wednesday) Da changes Most important thing for you all to be aware of. Billing is changing from ‘Per Thing’ to a flat monthly subscription. Also new minimum is changing from $1 to $4Considering the amount of content I’ll be putting … Continue reading Reminder: Patreon Updates for May!

The Pit [POC]

**Writer's Note: It is worth noting that 'The Pit' is a working title for this POC (Proof Of Concept) and is likely to change. This piece is merely to represent one of the primary characters and the world she lives in. Want to learn more or support it's creation? Maybe even get your name forever … Continue reading The Pit [POC]