Girl in the Glass

[1 Min Read] The image in the still glass stared back at her. Framed by its snow-white hair, its brilliant yellow eyes glistened even more brightly in the bright florescent light above. Its long thin black eyebrows and smooth cheeks were gently brushed by its tightly formed braid of hair. She raised her hand to … Continue reading Girl in the Glass

The Common Mistake Made Marketing Online

[5 Min Read] As I've continued my journey becoming a writer and posting more on the internet, the more people I've found myself engaging with. We exchange stories and advice, but as time has gone on, I've noticed a strange marketing trend among my peers. A marketing technique I like to call, cold DMing. What … Continue reading The Common Mistake Made Marketing Online


[1 Min Read] “The day has come, squire. Are you ready to claim your birthright?” The clan elder submitted to the young upstart. “My lord, more then you could know,” Replied the boy knelt before the regally dressed regent. “Very well,” The old man waves over a knight clad in decorative armor who passes him … Continue reading Birthright

Support My Storytelling On Patreon!

Hey there! Been enjoying my daily flash fiction, short stories, blog entries, the teaser chapters for my new book 'The Pit,' or my recent alternate history series 'Valiant Hearts?' Consider supporting me on Patreon! What is Patreon? It's a type of crowdfunding, like Kickstarter, but instead of a one-time payment, it's monthly. Think of it … Continue reading Support My Storytelling On Patreon!

The Power of ‘I Don’t Know’

[5 Min Read] I don't know how to be an author or a good roommate. A good sibling or even be a good friend. I don't know how filing self-employment taxes work. I don't know how to change the oil in my car. There is a ton of stuff I don't know how to do, … Continue reading The Power of ‘I Don’t Know’

Furry Companions

I didn’t grow up with any pets other than the occasional fish. As time went on and friends saw there pets pass away, I never totally understood the big deal. Of course, I’m not heartless. I realized that they were a part of my friend’s family and that it was a loss. But the only … Continue reading Furry Companions

My Love Letter to Storytelling

[Quick read] Getting older is rough. I’m not the first to say it, and I certainly won’t be the last. Rent, money, groceries, utility bill, money, car insurance, aging grandparents, money, crippling anxiety, stress, stress due to money. Feels like the older you get, the more bullshit you find in the world. Usually, stuff that … Continue reading My Love Letter to Storytelling

8 Signs That You Are a Member of a Cult

I’m a 20 something living in North Carolina. I have few family connections and a small group of friends. I feel betrayed by society and the generation before me. I have issues with the traditional church, and I currently live below the poverty level in the U.S. I am a prime recruit for a cult. … Continue reading 8 Signs That You Are a Member of a Cult

Lyft Confessional

There is a certain comfort you feel when talking with a stranger. You figure “This person doesn’t know me and I will never see them again. Why not tell them about my porn preferences?” To make a little extra cash I’ve started driving for the rideshare service Lyft, and while I haven’t had anyone discuss … Continue reading Lyft Confessional

Why You Don’t Owe Anyone Sh*t

My roommate needed me out of the house last night so he could do some adult stuff with his fiancee. So I decided to go see a movie at my local theater. Hadn’t been in a while, so I was excited! Though, I had no idea what was playing. I looked at the listings and … Continue reading Why You Don’t Owe Anyone Sh*t