Girl in the Glass

[1 Min Read] The image in the still glass stared back at her. Framed by its snow-white hair, its brilliant yellow eyes glistened even more brightly in the bright florescent light above. Its long thin black eyebrows and smooth cheeks were gently brushed by its tightly formed braid of hair. She raised her hand to … Continue reading Girl in the Glass

New Neighbor

[4 Min Read] The new neighbor seemed normal enough. White guy, middle-aged, average height and build. Like any curious, and maybe slightly nosy person, you watched him and a team of movers shuffling in heavy-looking bookshelves and boxes several weeks ago. Nothing about him stood out in particular except that you were almost certain that … Continue reading New Neighbor

Ghost Game Night

[3 Min Read] “Spectral reader?” “Check” “Magnetic field indicator?” “Check” “Butterfly net?” “Check” “Alright, Georgia, I’m good to go if you are,” Susan popped open the driver side door to her and her sister’s van. “Wait, you sure about this one, sis? This place is supposed to be the most haunted house in America. Maybe … Continue reading Ghost Game Night