It’s Pronounced Hamburger

[1 Min Read] “It’s pronounced hamburger.” Enunciates a heavy set trucker with a thick New-Englander accent. “Horgdurger” Repeats a green-skinned creature with large, black, almond-shaped eyes and a bulbous green head with a Mets hat sat awkwardly on top. “HAM-BURGER” The trucker waves, a flattened sandwich limp-wristed between his hands. Heavy drips of ketchup fall from the … Continue reading It’s Pronounced Hamburger

Villain of Minor Inconveniences

(Part 3 of Justice Force Series) The skylight above a warehouse suddenly exploded as a three legendary heroes; Strong-Man, Spider-Woman, and Quick-Lad burst onto the scene in a cloud of smoke. Strong-Man straightened and stood with authority, the giant reflective ‘S’ on his chest glinting in the dim light. “Show yourself, villain! The silent alarm … Continue reading Villain of Minor Inconveniences

The Hallowed Wood

[3 Min Read] I was once a force to be reckoned with. Like a demon out of hell, I would blast through the skies above. Over the great blue sea, my power was feared by her travelers. I could grant great fortune and safe passage, or a watery nightmarish death. Though I was benevolent enough … Continue reading The Hallowed Wood

To Die For

[3 Min Read] An older woman pulled her long-anticipated roast from the oven. The scent of well-seasoned meats and vegetables flooded the kitchen as she placed the fruit of her hard labor on the kitchen counter. “God, that smells amazing, Mom.” A younger man looked over the scrumptious looking bird. “Of course it does, son. … Continue reading To Die For

Reunited And It Feels So Good

[3 Min Read] Frank was stirred from a deep sleep by the noise of a gentle tapping. Through bleary, bloodshot eyes, he glared in the general direction of the offending sound and spotted small pebbles being thrown against his second-story bedroom window. Mumbling every curse he knew, he aggressively slid into his slippers and made … Continue reading Reunited And It Feels So Good

Star Gazing

[2 Min Read] The boy looked with bewilderment at the sky above. Wonder and magic danced across his eyes. “No matter how bad things get here, at least I know the stars in the sky above will always shine for me!” Shock and awe suddenly washed over him like a cold splash of ice water … Continue reading Star Gazing