It’s Pronounced Hamburger

[1 Min Read] “It’s pronounced hamburger.” Enunciates a heavy set trucker with a thick New-Englander accent. “Horgdurger” Repeats a green-skinned creature with large, black, almond-shaped eyes and a bulbous green head with a Mets hat sat awkwardly on top. “HAM-BURGER” The trucker waves, a flattened sandwich limp-wristed between his hands. Heavy drips of ketchup fall from the … Continue reading It’s Pronounced Hamburger

Furry Companions

I didn’t grow up with any pets other than the occasional fish. As time went on and friends saw there pets pass away, I never totally understood the big deal. Of course, I’m not heartless. I realized that they were a part of my friend’s family and that it was a loss. But the only … Continue reading Furry Companions