Villain of Minor Inconveniences

[4 Min Read] The skylight above a warehouse suddenly explodes as a three legendary heroes, Strong-Man, Spider-Woman, and Quick-Lad burst onto the scene in a cloud of smoke. Strong-Man straightens and stands with authority, the giant reflective ‘S’ on his chest glinting in the dim light. “Show yourself, villain! The silent alarm was tripped, we … Continue reading Villain of Minor Inconveniences

Eldritch Makeover

[5 Min Read] "Mr. Mikael, your 10 o'clock is here!" Chirped a squeaky voice through the tiny desk intercom. A long, slender well-manicured finger presses the button next to the speaker, "Excellent, send him in!" The stylish, handcrafted, oak office door buckled and creaked as the golden handle twisted back and forth from the opposite … Continue reading Eldritch Makeover

Enjoy My Content? Check Out Me On Patreon!

Hey there! Been enjoying my daily flash fiction, short stories, blog entries, the teaser chapters for my new book 'The Pit,' or my recent alternate history series 'Valiant Hearts?' Consider supporting me on Patreon! What is Patreon? It's a type of crowdfunding, like Kickstarter, but instead of a one-time payment, it's monthly. Think of it … Continue reading Enjoy My Content? Check Out Me On Patreon!


[2 Min Read] “Oh darn it!” A boy wearing a red cap a size too large swore up and down in the boat. “What are you doing, son?” A tall man with deep wrinkles helped the boy wrestle his fishing hook free of the recliner chair. “This ain’t like fishin’ outdoors. You need precision when … Continue reading Fishin’


[3 Min Read] "Susan, is it just me, or is Ted looking a little different tonight?" Gloria whispered in her friend's ear as they sipped champagne together next to the bar. "You know, now that you mention it there is something a little more earthy about him. But not in a gross unkempt way, but … Continue reading Mixer


[1 Min Read] “The day has come, squire. Are you ready to claim your birthright?” The clan elder submitted to the young upstart. “My lord, more then you could know,” Replied the boy knelt before the regally dressed regent. “Very well,” The old man waves over a knight clad in decorative armor who passes him … Continue reading Birthright

The Hero We Didn’t Deserve

[1 Min Read] For decades they stood still and watched. Silently waiting for the day, humanity would need them most. When that day came, they were the heroes we needed but didn't deserve. For the aliens it was D day, for the rest of us, it was the Apocalypse. Pods rained down from the heavens … Continue reading The Hero We Didn’t Deserve