Villain of Minor Inconveniences

(Part 3 of Justice Force Series) The skylight above a warehouse suddenly exploded as a three legendary heroes; Strong-Man, Spider-Woman, and Quick-Lad burst onto the scene in a cloud of smoke. Strong-Man straightened and stood with authority, the giant reflective ‘S’ on his chest glinting in the dim light. “Show yourself, villain! The silent alarm … Continue reading Villain of Minor Inconveniences

Makoto’s Story Chapter 6: Interlude 1

I woke up screaming at the top of my lungs. My shrieks echoed all around me. I was screaming, but I didn’t know why. Felt… so strange. Groggy, like I just woke up from a nightmare or something. I was covered in sweat. ‘Must have been one hell of a dream. Whatever it was.’ When … Continue reading Makoto’s Story Chapter 6: Interlude 1

Makoto’s Story Ch. 1: A Day in the Life

I placed the papers back on the table and rubbed my sore eyes. ‘No matter how many times I run the numbers, the board has simply hasn’t given me the funds I need to pull this off…’ Lifting my face from my hands, I gave a tentative glance to the clock. ‘Five thirty already? I’ve … Continue reading Makoto’s Story Ch. 1: A Day in the Life