It’s Haggis

[3 Min Read] “It’s haggis,” Hades mentioned indifferently as he lounged on an unusually comfortable looking couch made from the bodies of the damned. “I-I-I’m sorry, sir?” asked Craig, the new intern at Elysian, knees clicking together as they wobbled. Hades stretched his long blue leg into the air and flexed his impressive quadriceps . … Continue reading It’s Haggis

Programing Error

[3 Min Read] -Inhale- -Exhale- -Inhale- -Ex---ERROR--ERROR--ERR- A revving and vibrating shook my chest. A wall of green binary running in intricate patterns ahead of me was the only sense of illumination in the black void I found myself in. I wanted to scream and flail, but my arms wouldn't budge, my lips wouldn't quiver. … Continue reading Programing Error

The Ornate Key [Repost]

[7 Min Read] “Hey Susan, what do you make of this?” Katie held an ancient looking key to the window to get a better look. “Wow. How old do you think that relic is?” Susan clapped the dust off her hands. “Probably as old as Grandma was, right?” The key was clearly not modern but … Continue reading The Ornate Key [Repost]

Ghost Game Night

[3 Min Read] “Spectral reader?” “Check” “Magnetic field indicator?” “Check” “Butterfly net?” “Check” “Alright, Georgia, I’m good to go if you are,” Susan popped open the driver side door to her and her sister’s van. “Wait, you sure about this one, sis? This place is supposed to be the most haunted house in America. Maybe … Continue reading Ghost Game Night

Baby’s First Mars Landing

[3 Min Read] “Thrusters engaged. Landing in three…two… and contact. Mission control we have contact.” A young, professionally dressed woman clicks on her headset, “Very good, Captain. What are your readings?” “Green across the board,” A man’s voice responded “Then you have clearance to exit when ready. Anything words of wisdom from the soon to … Continue reading Baby’s First Mars Landing

Star Gazing

[2 Min Read] The boy looked with bewilderment at the sky above. Wonder and magic danced across his eyes. “No matter how bad things get here, at least I know the stars in the sky above will always shine for me!” Shock and awe suddenly washed over him like a cold splash of ice water … Continue reading Star Gazing

End Program

[2 Min Read] On a typical walk home from work, Ted hears an odd crunch under his foot. Curious, he lifts his leg and picks up a stray keyboard ‘Ctrl’ key from off the pavement. Not the type to stand for litter, Ted pockets the plastic key, and continues on his way till he spots … Continue reading End Program