Morning in Justice Tower

[Short Story, 10 Minute Read] The next morning in Justice Tower… Strong Man cracked his door open and peaked out ‘Ok, looks like the coast is clear.’ He thought as he emerged from his room wrapped snuggly in his fluffy robe. He made his way down the hall into the kitchen. His eyes were heavy [...]

The Drummer Boy

[Short Story, 5 minute read] There was once a young boy who decided to take a risk and join his schools marching band. “What do you want to play?” asked his kindly music teacher “I don’t know. I’ve never played an instrument.” Replied the boy So the two meet after school and try all the [...]

My Love Letter to Storytelling

[Quick read] Getting older is rough. I’m not the first to say it, and I certainly won’t be the last. Rent, money, groceries, utility bill, money, car insurance, aging grandparents, money, crippling anxiety, stress, stress due to money. Feels like the older you get, the more bullshit you find in the world. Usually, stuff that [...]

Text Exchange

[Short Story, Quick Read] [3:10] Hey Hey there 😉 [3:32] [3:33] Just wanted to see how you were feeling If ur asking if I can walk straight, not rely big boy 😉 [3:33] I had good time last nite [3:33] [3:34] I’m glad to hear Didn’t you? [3:34] [3:44] Its kinda what I wanted to [...]