The Challenge

[2 Min Read] “I’ll race you as high as the crow flies!” Raved the beefy flame-haired man as he pounded on his girthy chest. “All in the village know that Gornk is not a man to be trifled with! My only equal in strength and bravery is my speed and cunning!” “Is that so?” A … Continue reading The Challenge

The PIT – Chapter 1: Unwelcome Guests

“Little flower, don’t be afraid. Sweet flower, don’t run away Little flower, don’t be scared to cry. Sweet flower, don’t let this be your final lullaby. You play strong and brave, but you know you only run away Sweet flower, little flower don’t let your heart wilt away…” * Chapter 1: Unwelcome Guests "Black Hawk … Continue reading The PIT – Chapter 1: Unwelcome Guests

Makoto’s Story Chapter 5: Grief

I didn’t stay after school that day. I couldn’t. I have a hard time putting to words what I felt after school that day. Witnessing someone attempt suicide. A student. I later found out her name was Suzui. She was a star player on the girl's volleyball team and a very gifted student. What drives … Continue reading Makoto’s Story Chapter 5: Grief

Morning in Justice Tower

[Short Story, 10 Minute Read] The next morning in Justice Tower… Strong Man cracked his door open and peaked out ‘Ok, looks like the coast is clear.’ He thought as he emerged from his room wrapped snuggly in his fluffy robe. He made his way down the hall into the kitchen. His eyes were heavy … Continue reading Morning in Justice Tower

The Drummer Boy

[Short Story, 5 minute read] There was once a young boy who decided to take a risk and join his schools marching band. “What do you want to play?” asked his kindly music teacher “I don’t know. I’ve never played an instrument.” Replied the boy So the two meet after school and try all the … Continue reading The Drummer Boy

My Love Letter to Storytelling

[Quick read] Getting older is rough. I’m not the first to say it, and I certainly won’t be the last. Rent, money, groceries, utility bill, money, car insurance, aging grandparents, money, crippling anxiety, stress, stress due to money. Feels like the older you get, the more bullshit you find in the world. Usually, stuff that … Continue reading My Love Letter to Storytelling

Makoto’s Story Chapter 4: The Accident

When I hear stories of tragedy that people suffer or witness, it’s like their brain takes a snapshot of that moment. They can recall that point in time with such clarity they feel like they are living it out again in real time. Recalling every horrific detail all at once. A lot has happened since … Continue reading Makoto’s Story Chapter 4: The Accident

Text Exchange

[Short Story, Quick Read] [3:10] Hey Hey there 😉 [3:32] [3:33] Just wanted to see how you were feeling If ur asking if I can walk straight, not rely big boy 😉 [3:33] I had good time last nite [3:33] [3:34] I’m glad to hear Didn’t you? [3:34] [3:44] Its kinda what I wanted to … Continue reading Text Exchange

The Ornate Key

“Hey Susan, what do you make of this?” Katie held an ancient looking key to the window to get a better look. “Wow. How old do you think that relic is?” Susan clapped the dust off her hands. “Probably as old as Grandma was, right?” The key was clearly not modern but very ornate. The … Continue reading The Ornate Key


“Maria!” Helen, the shift manager, shouted to the back of the kitchen “Get you’re head out of your ass and get back to work! We got a full house out here, and I asked for fresh plates ten minutes ago!” Maria was fixed in place, staring at the linoleum backsplash behind the industrial-sized sink. “Hmm? … Continue reading DayDreamer